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 Why get yourself an e-scooter in South Africa




South Africa tends to be a little slow taking up high tech trends, but this gap has closed over the years and the world has become smaller. The time for space age electric transport is upon us. We need to find solutions for doing away with burning fuel to get around, which is quickly becoming archaic. The climate has changed dramatically and the time to take action and look for better alternatives like electric rides offered by a growing variety of options such as e-scooters, e-bicycles, e-unicycles and e-skatebords is now!



If you haven’t ridden an e scooter yet, take it from someone who has been playing on various wheels and rides his whole life, these light, streamline, silent, efficient, zero emission, powerful stylish machines are fun! Electric motors offer 100% torque from standstill, so you can quietly and efficiently whisk yourself without drawing attention or creating any disturbance. Anyone who has ridden a bicycle can easily ride an e-scooter as the balance is almost exactly the same skill. As you develop a little bit of speed, the stability increases. The best description I have heard that captures the basis of balancing and riding on an electric scooter is by comparing it to standing on a bus – as the bus accelerates, you naturally lean forward and as the driver brakes you naturally lean backwards. On an electric scooter the only difference is that you can anticipate this lean or transfer of you weight by leaning forward just in advance of pushing the accelerator and leaning backward in anticipation of breaking. The harder the acceleration of braking, the further you would lean of course.






Fun riding



Safety of social distancing 



Getting outdoors to absorb some sunshine and vitamin D 



Green energy with zero emissions



No parking issues



Easy to fold and store, take on a bus or pop in your boot



Almost zero maintenance



Massive saving on petrol and car maintenance cost









Most electric scooters have a throttle button that you press down with your thumb to accelerate and control your speed and acceleration. With a mix of regenerative, disk, drum and hydraulic brakes used to slow down and stop. All the electric scooters sold by iRoll -electric rides are foldable for easy transporting and storage. They are also run by an app to adjust settings and performance to suite individual rider preferences. Kitted out with headlights, break lights for safety and night riding.






iRoll Mission with E-scooters:



To get the ideal scooter for each individual at a good price : )



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