King Song S18 Electric unicycle

Max speed  50 kmph
Range 70 - 80 km
Climbing Angle 30°
67.2V 1036Wh
Rated Power
2200 W
Charge Time 5 - 6 Hours
Waterproof rating IP 55
18X2.5 Inch Pneumatic tires
506*460*196 mm 
USB charge ports for phone etc, Retractable Trolley Handle, 2200W Motor, providing powerful torsion (120N.m), fast acceleration, Turbo inverter fan adjust the air flow according to MOS tube’s temperature, Support QC 3.0 Quick Charging, saving 70% waiting time, Low beam(4W) & high beam(5W) auto switch, 20W Woofer, 5W Full-frequency Horn, Acoustic Enjoyment, Real-time monitoring on controller, motor and battery, Malfunction Beep Alarm or Pedal Tilt-back.
Max Load 140 Kg
Net Weight 23 Kg

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