Kingsong KS-16X electric unicycle
Kingsong KS-16X electric unicycle
Kingsong KS-16X electric unicycle
Kingsong KS-16X electric unicycle
King Song16X fast powerful electric unicycle

Kingsong KS-16X electric unicycle

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16inch Dual Charging 4.0BT 2200Watt KS-16X
  1. Model: KS-16X (available color: black)
  1. 2000W Motor, providing powerful torsion (120N.m), fast & pleasant acceleration
  1. 4-Layer controller structure design, TO-247 Imported MOS provide guarantee for 2200w motor
  1. Turbo inverter fan adjust the air flow according to MOS tube’s temperature
  1. Dual Bluetooth Mode, 4.0 for data transfer, 5.0 for playing HQ music
  1. Support QC 3.0 Quick Charging, saving 70% waiting time
  1. Low beam(4W) & high beam(5W) auto switch
  1. 20W Woofer, 5W Full-frequency Horn, Acoustic Enjoyment
  1. Real-time minotoring on controller, motor and battery, Malfunction Beep Alarm or Pedal Tilt-back


Iroll review:
Imagine any ride making you feel stoked, be it your commute to work, to go grab some groceries from the corner, or just go go for a burn . After 6 years of riding E uincyles and watching them develop, finally one that appeases all of what I had dreamed of in performance.

50kmph max speed, but more importantly cruising at 40-45 feels comfy and stable - there are one or two faster wheels around, but 50 is plenty as a max speed for an E unicycle

2200W motor on a 16” wheel provides torque you can really lean into with almost complete silence that is always pleasing to lean into and bolt off. It also does this. All of the E unicycles of the past had a buzzing kinda sound that tended to be pretty irritating and we just got used to it. Very pleasant for this to have been silenced.

A massive 1554 Wh battery gives over 100km range, but more importantly gives you close to 40 km of being able to ride hard- its always safer to ride hard with battery at over 50% capacity, as any experienced E uni rider will know

Finishing touches and details to match the performance: bright headlight, slick trolley handle, comfy and grippy wide pedals and a very cool sounding BT speaker system.

16X had fast become the most popular choice for a high performance E uni



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