Incoming stock update (keep an eye out on the website for pre-order deals to be announced soon)

Incoming stock update (keep an eye out on the website for pre-order deals to be announced soon)

What do we see as great ride choices for our range of Electric rides to keep South Africans moving with the current in preparation for spring, 2024?

Foldable electric Scooters:

Inmotion Air

These are still our most popular product and the most popular of these has been the Inmotion Air Electric Scooter. As an affordable ecotransport option, you really can't beat this machine in comparison to any electric scooter for sale in South Africa in terms of quality, reliability and performance. The hidden cables give it a sleek look and quality of finishes comes through in the IP rating that can deal with a bit of rain no problem (always a concern with entry level scooters). This really is a quality ride, with a respectable top speed of 28kmph and a maximum range of around 30kms. It is light and nimble, but still strong and has decent power for an entry level scooter. The 10" pneumatic tyres give it a really comfortable and controlled ride feel. Easy to fold and carry for loading into your car or on and off public transport at only 15kgs! It can carry up to 120kgs riders, but is mostly favoured as an e scooter for kids or lighter riders if you have in mind to use it to go up steep hills.

Inmotion Air Pro

This pretty much the same scooter as the Air Pro, but has a bigger battery for longer range rides (up to 45kms max range), but the main difference is a more powerful motor and substantially higher top speed at 35kmph. We have used these for rental scooters on blouberg beachfront for the last 3 years now and all of those original rentals are still going strong 3 years later (we all know how much abuse rentals need to be able to endure ;)

Inmotion Climber

We will be reintroducing these again this coming season and are aiming at a greta retail price on these of R 13900, and a great deal of R12900 on pre-order special! The most impressive aspects of this scooter beyond a great quality ride feel are the hill climbing and braking ability. We have tested them with heavy riders of 90kgs+ on some of the steapest hills we could find in Cape Town, like the big ones going up the mountain in Sea Point and they handled these no problem. They have double the power of the air pro with an impressive combined peak power of 1500W put out by the dual drive motors. The IP rating is higher so wet weather commuting or getting caught in the rain is of no concern at all. They have again an even greater range of 56km max and a top speed of 38kmph.

King Song N12 Pro

These continue to be our first electric scooter model to sell out, so we will be stocking up on plenty of these. They have had some key improvements such as incorporating a BMS now on the motherboard to monitor and ensure battery health and longevity.

King Song N12 Pro T

This is the dual motor beefed up version of the N12 Pro. It has an impressive 2800W peak power output which equates to an exhilarating ride!

Inmoiton RS and RS Lite

These are available on Pre-order. Contact us for further details

Electric Unicycles

Iroll began with electric unicycles 10 years ago. We are always excited about testing and making available the latest and greatest machines. Watch out for the Inmotion V14 which sold out pretty fast with last shipment, as well as the King Song S16, such a great light and nimble suspension wheel that is a really impressive ride. We will always have a range of options to suit your budget from light weight entry level e unicycles at close to 10K up to the fast, powerful, state for the art suspension wheels

Electric Bicycles

The King Song M3+ continues to be a bang for your buck bike that can't be beaten (on special for R12900). An impressive 35kmph cuisine speed on the 800W peak power motor. The bike conveniently has foldable handlebars and pedal. With using throttle only you can get an impressive max range of around 30kms and double this if using pedal assist

Fat 20' Tyre 1000W 15Ah battery and shimano components for under R18000. Cruising speed of over 40kmph and big range of up to 80-90kms. Check it out on the website. We are still deciding on which variant of these bikes to make available as there are a few options we have been considering.

Electric Skateboards

We are excited to be lining up more from the Exway range again. Let us know if there is anything specific you have your eye on and we shall be happy to include it in the order if it is not already on our list.


We still have some products left in stock, but are excited to be singing up new orders soon and to roll these out to happy customers..


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