Electric Unicycles

The Electric unicycle is a fun way to get into space age electric transport. Bringing electric unicycles to South Africa is what got iRoll rolling over 7 years ago! Also known as E unicycle or electric monowheel, they are more fun than can be described and really have a feeling of becoming an extension of the riders’ body and giving a sense of flying. The electric unicycle allows your hands to be free to carry things while riding and distinguishes riding an electric unicycle from all other electric rides. Iroll offer free lessons with any electric unicycle purchased from us. Anyone who can ride a bicycle can learn to ride an electric unicycle and this will probably not be as difficult as you might imagine, especially if you have reasonably good balance. Contact us and come and learn to ride an e unicycle today or get advice on which would be the best electric unicycle option for you, or if an electric skateboard, electric scooter or electric bicycle would maybe be a better electric ride option for you.