Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are fun and convenient. They are probably the easiest point of entry into electric transport. iRoll offers electric scooters to the South African market to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Our electric scooters are for sale starting from under R 5000 for great quality and reliable machine and going up to high-performance models. Cool Electric scooters for kids will soon be available from iRoll as well. All electric scooters for sale from iRoll are foldable for easy storage and carrying. E scooters have recently taken the world by storm, and when you get to ride one and feel the exhilaration and freedom you will understand why. Contact us and come test ride an e scooter today or get advice on which would be the best electric scooter option for you, or if an electric unicycle, electric skateboard or electric bicycle would maybe be a better electric ride option for you.