New Electric Scooters available from Iroll for summer of 2023-2024

King Song X1 Max Electric Scooter

An electric scooter with mega "Bang for your buck". At close to entry level prices for what you would usually expect max of 350W motor and 25kmph (X1 Max has 600W motor and does 40kmph + on level ground. This powerful and still under 20kg machine is pleasantly punchy and will blast up most steep hills with ease. It tops over 40kmph on the flat and has a good long range. 10 inch pneumatic tyres soak up the bumps pretty well. Limited stock available- come and give one a test and take advantage of this great deal while there is still stock available.


Inmotion Air Pro Electric Scooter

Tried and tested: we used these for our electric scooter rental fleet las summer. After a year of abuse, most of them were sold for more than 75% of their original retail price. They are all still running 100% and those that we kept are back in the rental fleet for a second season. They have god waterproofing, sleek refined finishes, a max speed of 35 kmph and a decent 40km range


Inmotion Climber Electric Scooter

Its an Air Pro on steroids with dual motors in a light, nimble and easy to fold and pop in your boot package, or jump on a bus with etc. The double power makes it a lot of fun to ride. The improvement and quality of finishes gives it a very solid ride feel. The dual electronic and disc break make the stoppign poiwer highly impressive

King Song N12 Pro Electric Scooter

Very popular last season because of its sporty looks and full package of indicators, dual suspension, honeycomb (no punctures tyres) as well as all the usual features of lighting, app adjustability etc. This years version has new, improved front suspension.


Inmotion RS

An extreme racing machine that is easy to handle and rides like a dream!

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