Visit to South China suppliers and new product testing

Visit to South China suppliers and new product testing

Good day my to all those who share my passion for moving with the current! Last month I did a long-awaited trip to south China to visit and meet with suppliers, and discover and test new exciting electric ride products. It was great to meet with some of the teams behind the creation of these every improving high tech machines, and to see some of the latest developments.


Here is a brief summary of some of the factories I visited and people and highlight experiences I had:



Got to test out the some of their high-end new products: The RS Electric Scooter was the fastest E ride I have been on with a mind-warping acceleration curve and unmatched stability and a feeling of control and security when maxing it out. Also, the new climber is in my opinion a great fun machine being light weight for dual motor with punchy acceleration and very impressive braking.


King Song

Had a fun ride with the team on a combination of S22 Pro unicycles with some of their new Electric bicycles in the mix to get a feel for. We went in search of the steepest off-road hills in the district to challenge it to the max and also some easy rides down various flights of stairs. Had a memorable dinner with the team and Leo (the boss) which included some solid doses of Chinese rice wine



Some adrenaline enticing machines coming out of this factory. The Extreme Bull was a fun drag racing beast. Smoking screeching tires at the gentle press of a button. Enjoyed playing on the new “Extreme” electric unicycle which has top-notch suspension. Pity there was only a 1-meter-high drop off there to test it on as it felt like 2 meters would be an easy drop onto the flats. M ten 4 was also a fun little machine to get to play on



This was a very cool factory that has some great innovations and leading edge products. They even had a prototype Electric surfboard they are working on. I tested a bunch of their boards (The “Wave” was my favourite for its compact design and plenty of juice under your thumb). The CEO popped out for a lunch break on a latest version Sur Ron Electric motorbike- nice!



Was a privilege to get a ride on the Sherman Patton, which in the reviews was looking like it’s certainly one of if not the leader of high torque, performance. Feels like high quality and sure to be a machine that finds its way to many happy feet. Unfortunately didn’t have any off-road terrain to test it on, but did have a few runs over the fairly intimidating (on first attempt) test ramp they have set up in the factory



This is a very busy Electric Bicycle factory. Was an easy choice to decide to bring in a bunch of sample products from them after testing a few and deciding on which ones would be favourable for South African market and environment. Looking forward to the dual motor M20 arriving with Fat tires and dual battery.


As usual, it’s a game of patience ordering and waiting for shipments to arrive, but from here on I aim to place orders more frequently and not run out of stock of fun and exciting machines.


Keep up the charge!


 King Song ride with some of the teamInmotion RS Electric Scooter 100kmph +Begode ChallengerExway Electric Skateboard factory displayGreat hospitality and welcoming after 9 years of collaboration we finally meet : )

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