Electric Scooters are more fun than electric bicycles!

Electric scooters appeal to the younger generation

When you picture yourself cruising down the street on an electric vehicle, which comes to mind? An electric bicycle? An electric scooter? If you're part of younger generation, it's probably the scooter. The reason is simple: they're more fun. With a top speed of up to 20 miles per hour, these little machines are perfect for zooming around your neighborhood, going to the beach or park, or making your daily commute. There's no pedaling involved—all it takes is a twist of your hand and you can feel the wind in your hair as you head off on a thrilling adventure.

Electric scooters are also good for exercise thanks to their small wheels and low center of gravity. You'll get in a lot more balance work than you will on an electric bicycle—and yes, that includes those trendy two-wheeled hoverboards! In addition, many riders report feeling more connected to their environment when riding a scooter instead of biking; without pedals obscuring your feet from view and getting in the way as they spin around by themselves, you can focus on what's ahead while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air at street level.

Bicyles are a little old

With electric bikes, you've got the same old bike frame that's existed since the early 1800s. To be fair, they're pretty fun to ride, but if you're looking for something a little more fresh—bikes have been around for a long time; the science of them hasn't really changed much over the years—and a bit more fun to ride (you can lock them into place and stop pedaling), scooters might be your best bet.

The next big trend is scooters!

You're about to see e-scooters everywhere, and not just in trendy neighborhoods. E-scooters will soon be more popular than cars! They're a great way to commute if you don't have far to go, and they're easy to learn to ride. Even inexperienced riders can feel confident after a few minutes of practice. No wonder so many people are buying them!

E-scooters are also more environmentally friendly than cars because they're battery powered, not gas powered. They run on electricity generated by a renewable source such as wind or solar power, so driving one isn't harmful for the environment.