Exway Flex Electric Skateboard

Exway Flex Electric Skateboard

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Maximum Speed 40 km/h
Maximum Range 26 km
Peak Power 1512W
Drive Belt or Hub wheel

Combining a classic deck design with high-tech construction and materials, the Flex deck is made to go electric.

Calculated placement of the fiberglass layers wrapped around a bamboo core allows us to tune and optimize the flex profile, maximizing stability and comfort.

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My experience (coming from a boosted board)

I was a bit skeptical at first when I laid eyes on this skateboard – it seemed like a knockoff of a boosted board, but at a third of the price. However, let me tell you, I was in for a delightful surprise. I've put in over 200 kilometers on this bad boy in just two weeks, and let me assure you, I've got zero regrets about this purchase.

The speed on this thing? Impressive. It zips down the pavement like a champ and carves with the grace of a top-tier board. What really won me over, though, was the hardware quality. The remote, for starters, is eerily similar to the boosted board's, and it even dishes out haptic feedback for certain actions – seriously cool stuff.

Now, here's the kicker: After doing a bit of digging, I found out that the company behind the software is a heavyweight in the game, specializing in top-notch hobby airplane brands. That's when I knew – this skateboard is the real deal, and I'm stoked to have it in my collection. It's GOOD, no doubt about it. 🛹💨

Anthony Berzack, iRoll

Since early childhood I have always had a passion for exploring and learning different ways of moving or riding. 

I was lucky to get to ride the first electric unicycles that came into SA back around 2014. 

This incredible technology gives an empowering feeling of freedom that is best experienced and felt, rather than described in words. 

This moment back in 2014 was the beginnings of what has become iRoll and the pleasure of sharing the amazing developing technological advances in electric rides with the SA market. 

The mission at iRoll is to be a part of the drive towards greener transport and for all customers to feel they have purchased the right machine for their needs for a good deal.

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