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Inmotion Climber -Dual Motor Electric Scooter

Inmotion Climber -Dual Motor Electric Scooter

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Maximum Speed 38 km/h
Maximum Range 56 km
Hill Climb Angle 26°
Peak Power 1500 Watts
Weight 20.7 kg
IP Rating IP 56. Battery and controller IP 67
Maximum Load 140 kg
Battery 533Wh 42.0V
Recharge Time 9
Wheel Size 10.0 cm
Drive Dual motor wheel
Brakes Dual Electronic, rear wheel disc
Frame Material Aircraft-grade Aluminium

Highly impressive power and braking on a relatively small, light weight electric scooter that has a quality, solid ride feel. Will accelerate up any hill in normal urban settings. But the torque does not just equate to hill climbing, it is proportionate to the fun of this ride!

Strong Acceleration: powerful acceleration. Riders appreciate the quick and smooth acceleration, making the scooter enjoyable and responsive to input.

Good Range and Battery Life: this electric scooter offers a decent range on a single charge, making the scooter practical for longer rides.

Solid Build Quality: sturdy and well-built design of the InMotion Climber. It has a strong frame, metal latching components, and overall durability 

Nimble and Maneuverable: this scooter is nimble and easy to manoeuvre, allowing navigation through different environments and terrains with confidence.

Effective Braking System:, effective in slowing down and stopping the scooter when needed from the dual regenerative electronic brakes as well as a drum brake

App Features and Real-Time Information: app provides real-time information about speed, battery life, and other metrics to personalise your ride experience

Portability and Weight Capacity: easy to fold and transport when needed, but can still carry heavy riders of 130 kgs

Versatility and Multi-terrain Capability: the scooter's has the ability to handle various terrains, including pavement and sidewalks.

In summary The InMotion Climber electric scooter is highly rated for exceptional hill-climbing performance, strong acceleration, durability, and overall enjoyable ride experience. The scooter's range, build quality, and maneuverability are other key features that make it a great option.


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Customer Reviews

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Paul Steyn
Just love my e-toys!!!

Over the past 6 years I have bought 2  E unicycles, an E scooter and an E bike from iRoll (Anthony Berzack) and am still enjoying them all very muchThese electric transport vehicles are extremely practical and a real heap of fun.Anthony (iRoll) has always been accommodating when purchasing or needing some sort of support.  He himself is an expert at riding EUC and offers good advice and assistance in the learning stages.


Since early childhood I have always had a passion for exploring and learning different ways of moving or riding.

I was lucky to get to ride the first electric unicycles that came into SA back around 2014.

This incredible technology gives an empowering feeling of freedom that is best experienced and felt, rather than described in words.

This moment back in 2014 was the beginnings of what has become iRoll and the pleasure of sharing the amazing developing technological advances in electric rides with the SA market.

The mission at iRoll is to be a part of the drive towards greener transport and for all customers to feel they have purchased the right machine for their needs for a good deal.