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Inmotion S1F Electric Scooter

Inmotion S1F Electric Scooter

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Maximum Speed 40 km/h
Maximum Range 90 km
Hill Climb Angle 23°
Peak Power 1000 Watts
Rated Power 500 Watts
Weight 24.0 kg
IP Rating Spray Resistant
Maximum Load 140 kg
Battery 12.5Ah 675Wh 54.0V
Recharge Time 5 hours
Wheel Size 25.0 cm
Drive Rear wheel
Brakes Regenerative and Disc
Frame Material Aluminium 6061+T6
Charger Output DC 54V 2A
Charger Input AC 100-240V

This scooter has a massive battery and boasts a range of up to 90kms on a single charge. iRoll chose to stock the "F" version of this model, as it is 10kmph faster than the standard version on a scooter that is more than capable of safely handling the higher speeds.

The dual suspension, taller stem and plush deck give it a comfortable, luxurious and user-friendly ride feel. 

Bright, best-in-its-class headlight (1.25W), tail light and LED side lights mean seeing and being seen when riding at night, as well as the cool side LED side lights that also flash on the side that you are turning towards to indicate to others that you are making a turn.


  • BT smart app connectivity to personalise ride settings by connecting with your phone.
  • Kickstand.
  • Display screen showing current speed, remaining battery level and riding mode.
  • Side lights for 360 degree visibility.


Riding Dimensions

Length 102 mm

Width 43 mm

Height 114 mm

Folded Dimensions

Length 102 mm

Width 43 mm

Height 46 mm

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3 Riding Styles

The S1F has 3 different power modes for different situations. You can easily switch between eco mode, standard mode (D) and sports mode (S) by double-pressing the power button.

Wide Deck

The 180mm wide and 135mm long rubberized anti-slip deck offers 20% wider foot space than comparable models. The extra space brings you additional comfort, stability and balance without compromising mobility.

Large wheels

The 25cm tubeless pneumatic tires on rims provide a high degree of grip, comfort and durability. Bump up and down curbs as you zip around the city in full control of your ride.

Smart Battery Management

The battery system includes a smart battery management system (BMS), which does all the hard work to ensure you get the maximum lifespan from the battery. It ensures the battery is used safely and prevents any overheating or unsafe discharges, among other safety protections.

Ultra-Bright LED Headlight

S1F has high-mounted, ultra-bright front LED headlights, which fully illuminate the road ahead even where there is no street lighting.

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Since early childhood I have always had a passion for exploring and learning different ways of moving or riding.

I was lucky to get to ride the first electric unicycles that came into SA back around 2014.

This incredible technology gives an empowering feeling of freedom that is best experienced and felt, rather than described in words.

This moment back in 2014 was the beginnings of what has become iRoll and the pleasure of sharing the amazing developing technological advances in electric rides with the SA market.

The mission at iRoll is to be a part of the drive towards greener transport and for all customers to feel they have purchased the right machine for their needs for a good deal.